Recycling autumn

17th may – 15th june 2012

Contest of artistic interventions in the street, made with elements taken from the clean points of Gijón

Emulsa is calling for “Autumn of Recycling”, a competition for projects of artistic interventions on the street, made with elements taken from the recycling points in Gijón.

This initiative has the support of the Municipal Foundation of Culture, Education and Popular University of the Gijón City Council and the LABoral Center for Art and Industrial Creation, in whose lobby all the projects accepted by the jury, which will be composed of by public art specialists, municipal technicians specialized in art and urban planning.

Artists residing in Asturias have until mid-June to present their proposals which, if selected, will be exhibited during the autumn in one of the public spaces of Gijón agreed upon with the City Council. After the jury’s decision, the selected artists will have a period of two months to create the works, to which EMULSA will allocate 300 euros in fees and 1,000 euros for production, in addition to providing waste from the Clean Points, pallets, aluminum cans, containers, cardboard, wood, tires, etc.

The “Autumn of Recycling” is one of the actions included in the EMULSA Citizen Environmental Awareness Campaign and aims to draw the artistic attention of citizens and creators to the possibilities of many elements that are destined for garbage, as well as to expose the process of reusing waste, turning them into authentic works of art, real or virtual, that contribute to making the most attractive streets and commercial hubs of Gijón.

Consult the rules and the call sheethere