Recomputing Space

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

1 September 2006

Sound Installation Variable dimensions Courtesy of the artist

Recomputing Space Recomputing Space is a sound installation resulting from the psychogeographic study of the urban acoustic spectrum. It is a sitespecific work, consisting of 42 speakers distributed in the exhibition space. The sound was recorded by two people with microphones walking through different public places of the city, following simple instructions commanded by an algorithm. In the installation, the sound moves from one speaker to another, similarly to the movements of the people that recorded the sound. This work invites the visitors to walk through the sounds and to rediscover the acoustic layers of the urban environment, emerging in new and interesting combinations, allowing us to ponder the way we experience the pedestrian journey. Recomputing Spacewas first presented in July 2006 at the auditorium of the Art and Design College in Zürich.