Read the exhibition

June 23th, 2022 – March 31th, 2027

Public programme to discuss art, books and the themes presented in the exhibitions.

This new activity invites visitors to discover LABoral’s exhibitions from the point of view of the books that inspire them. Through readings -and other formats- a space is proposed in which to exchange reflections and delve deeper into the exhibition contents in a creative, dynamic and transversal way.

Each session will be led by the art curators themselves, invited experts and enthusiastic readers, who will invite visitors to browse through fragments of the books, question ideas and promote dialogue and participation.

The aim is to create an affective community in which to share interests, questions and discoveries, with a critical and inclusive perspective, around the themes of each exhibition.

It is not necessary to have read the recommended readings to attend.

Free activity with prior registration.

Activity promoted and financed by the Regional Ministry of Culture, Language Policy and Tourism.