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31 March 2015

Red Asturiana de Performance y Acción

RASPA Red Asturiana de Performance y Acción is an initiative of LABoral to help artists and performance managers in Asturias participate and play a main role thus collaborating in the development and support of the theory and practice of performance. This project is aimed in the middle term at promoting Asturias as a reference framework for research, production and dissemination of performance.

To this end, LABoral has decided not to host a festival and will rather mediate in the creation of a network that supports the existing actors in Asturias and the territory itself as a field of action. The initiative contemplates the different nature of participants (meeting, festival, venue, etc) as an asset, as well as their diverse orientations (action art, dance, paratheatrical performance).

The platform will be presented and will begin its first programme of activities in 2015, focusing thematically on the relationships between body and performativity.

RASPA is intended to be a collaboration tool that contributes to consolidate and promote each of the participant projects based on their singularity and, by extension Asturias.