Rap Presentation. 25 years of rhymes by El Chojin and Francisco Reyes

23th to 25th november 2010

Presentation of the Rap publication. 25 years of rhymes by El Chojin and Francisco Reyes

Rap.25 years of rhymes is a book about the trajectory that this type of music has experienced in Spain since its birth, back in the eighties, to date, but it is not just a simple compilation of data, dates and quotes, since that two of its own protagonists are the ones who offer us a living and authentic account of this phenomenon of which they have been so actively a part and which is emerging as one of the most influential cultural manifestations among today’s youth.

Hours: 7 p.m. Coordination: Carlos Barral


El Chojin is a veteran artist of the Spanish hip hop scene. Rapper with ten LPs published, he has a somewhat atypical career. He is the author of two plays, and has periodically participated in political radio talk shows as well as in musical programs. Since 2002 he has given workshops on composing rap lyrics for risk prevention in young people and adolescents in institutes and educational centers, and given lectures on hip hop culture in universities, social and cultural centers. Actively committed to social causes, some of his themes have been used by institutions and NGOs for different campaigns both inside and outside Spain. Poetry writer, apart from rap he works on narrative and slam. His constant work has made him an obligatory reference within the hip hop culture of this country, in the same way he is one of the fundamental artists of rap in Spanish, being known and respected by listeners of this music from all Spanish-speaking countries – from Equatorial Guinea to Latin America.

Francisco Reyes is the author of the first and only doctoral thesis on hip hop in Spain: Graffiti, breakdance and rap. Hip hop in Spain. He is also a director of advertising spots, television and video clips; professor at the Complutense University of Madrid and freelance journalist and photographer, he has also worked in film. He is the author of several books and essays related to graffiti and hip hop and a regular speaker at cultural events. He also teaches workshops related to hip hop to teenagers. In addition to advertising, television and film subjects, he teaches a hip hop subject at the Faculty of Information Sciences.