Radwan Kasmiya

Electronic engineer

Radwan Kasmiya has a degree in Electronic Engineering from Damascus University (1997). He is a founding partner, President, Project Manager and Executive Producer of Afkarmedia (2002-2008); as well as a video game design advisor and Syrian Quality Assurance Manager (2006-2008).

He has been appointed member of the jury of the International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA, 2008), and required to create, design, direct and manage numerous media and video game projects such as UnderAsh, FPS, (the first Arab video game in 2001) UnderSiege (2004 -2005), Quraish (2005), Swords of Heaven (2006-2008) The Gulf Falcon and Anti-Blockade (2008). His most recent research focuses on the role of video games and media production in Islamic culture.