21th to 25th november 2011

A radio studio and didactic project involving educational centres across Asturias and a group of collaborators that are promoting a new kind of experimental radio.

Over the course of 2011 and 2012, radioLAB will grow into an online radio station whose purpose is to broadcast the programmes and activities of LABoral. This new communication tool forms part of the audiovisual line of initiatives that LABoral is developing with LABtv.

radioLAB will be both a promoter of radio-art and a promotional channel for the centre. In both cases, the goal is to encourage general awareness of sound and radiophonic expressivity, in children as well as young adults, through courses and workshops.

In addition, radioLAB will explore existing possibilities for the broadcast of content produced by young collectives, making room for different cultural initiatives originating in the region and educational centres. LABoral will also offer an experimental/educational activity with a creator working in this field, who can advise and teach about the appropriate tools and formats needed to develop content.

Target: groups of students from highschool
In collaboration with CPR-Centro del Profesorado y Recursos de Gijón.

Information and registration: free of charge
+34 985 185 577 / +34 985 133 924