Punto y Raya Festival

9th to 23th july 2009

The Punto y Raya Festival, which has earned the title of “most abstract in the world,”
explores the creative possibilities of dots and lines in various spheres of science, art and
thought. No figuration, just dots and lines as ends in themselves!

From Beijing to Vancouver, from Reykjavík to Buenos Aires, hundreds of people have
gathered together under the slogan “Vuelve a las Bases” [“Back to Basics”] to participate in
the challenge and reflect on the essence of form and movement, beyond language.

LABoral joins in on this world-wide event with the exhibit “Lo Mejor del 2007” [“The Best of
2007”] that features the 13 finalist and award-winning projects from the first edition which
have been exhibited in different places around Spain and around the world.

Organised by:
MAD is a not-for-profit organisation based in Barcelona. They have been working in the field
of cultural engineering for six years, developing projects linking art, science and technology.

IOTA CENTER. A not-for-profit organisation dedicated to Abstract Film and Visual Music.
They preserve classic abstract films, edit DVDs and produce shows and film projections of
contemporary and historic works.

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