Proyecto Coche: excavando el final del siglo XX

Bárbara Fluxá

Until 14 October 2009

Car, single-channel video, text archives.

Car, single-channel video, text archives. Production: LABoral Acknowledgements: Cecilia Sancho, Carlos Marín, Skimo Sport Pravia Ayuntamiento de Pravia

Proyecto Coche is part of an ongoing series of projects, Des(hechos) (meaning both “waste” and the “deconstruction of facts as time passes”), which focuses on material culture as a reflection of consumer society. Proyecto Coche presents the discovery of an abandoned Seat 127 car in the Nalón River, Asturias. Fluxá worked with an archaeologist to excavate the car and create a video documenting its careful removal and conservation. She also presents her research into this iconic Spanish car from the 1970s and 1980s through six accompanying text archives. Ironically, this car’s specific re-discovery parallels the dawning realization of the automobile’s unsustainable cultural role at the beginning of the 21st century. AfterFeedforward, the car will be abandoned yet again, this time at a scrap yard where it will be dismantled for re-use.