Programme of activities: Monsters of the Machine

18th november 2016 – 21th may 2017

Monsters of the Machine is an exhibition curated by Marc Garrett, director of, un a venue that explores the connections between art, technology and social changes.

This exhibition proposes a contemporary review of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.Based on this paralellism, this project invites the viewer to rethink the warning of this novelist about the unintentional and dramatic effects that technology and the imagination of scientists bring about, and what is, in this context, the role of human imagination and arts.

In the framework of the exhibition, LABoral develops a line of hands-on activities that not only brings brings the exhibition activities closer to the public but also work on the idea of the Art Centre as an open lab that establishes a connection between art, science, technology and society. The aim is to create a space where artistic production and scientific research come together, providing the public with the key elements and tools needed for reflection, experimentation and the critical and creative use of technology.

Dates: From November 18,  2016 to May 8, 2017.

Addressed to: Educational community (formal and non-formal) with an interest in spaces for learning based on experimentation and discovery, population groups in risk of social exclusion and citizen associations that see the artistic context as a space for recreation, education, visibility and reflection upon their collective and professional public or those with an interest in science, technology and arts and humanities.


Programme of presentations and round tables:

Public activity program. Decoding Frankenstein


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