Process 4 (Software 1) / Process 4 (Image 2) / Seoul B

C.E.B. Reas

9 August 2004


Process 4 (Software 1). Software. Process 4 (Image 2). Process 4 (Software 1). Software. Process 4 (Image 2). Inkjet print on Hahnemuehle photo ray. 72.6 x 72.6 cm. Seoul B. Interactive software based on Process 4. Commissioned by W-Hotel, Seoul, South Korea. Courtesy: Bitforms Gallery, New York.

Casey Reas’ Process series explores the relevance of instruction-based conceptual art to the idea of software as art. Reas creates text descriptions outlining dynamic relations between elements and then implements them as software.

Process 4 (Software 1): A rectangular surface filled with varying sizes of Element 1. Draw a line from the centres of two elements when they are touching. Set the value of the shortest line to black and the longest to white, with varying grays between. Process 4 (Image 2): Inkjet print derived from the Process 4 software. Seoul B: Semi-automatic ’drawing machines’.

Participants draw automated software elements onto a screen with their fingers. These elements continue to interact with each other, creating additional patterns within the drawing.