Presentation of the ficxLAB 2013 residency. Projections by Guillermo Peydró

14th february 2014

As the beginning of his residency at LABoral, Guillermo G. Peydró will present his most recent works in a session open to the public

Guillermo G. Peydró, winner of the Video Universe award, jointly convened by LABoral and the Gijón International Film Festival, will present his work at the beginning of his production residency at Plataforma 0. Production Center of the Center for Art and Industrial Creation of Gijón . In this session open to the public, the filmmaker will reflect on the practice of the essay film within the framework of the production of his new project. Two of his most recent works will also be screened: The Imaginary Garden and The Guernica Variations

The imaginary garden, 2012, 51′
During his last twenty years, a peasant from Guadalajara spontaneously built a garden of four hundred cement sculptures, summarizing his own history of the world in 21 chapters. Five years after his death, starting from his ruined garden, a filmmaker is going to build another atlas of images about creativity and chance. Recorded in: Guadalajara and Paris

The Guernica Variations, 2012, 26
Picasso’s “Guernica” is the image of a disproportionate attack on unarmed civilians to demoralize and subdue an entire population. This changed the “rules” of traditional war and opened a new scenario: the attack on civilians became a priority for anyone who wanted to obtain any type of political gain, from all sides, ideologies, external, internal or from the governments themselves. A reading of the painting from the present must take into account Picasso’s intuition to divine in that atrocious event a turning point that inaugurated the disasters of today.Music: Samuel Andreyev.Recorded in: Madrid