Presentation of ‘Sound, space, immersion and interaction’

8th october 2015

ARSGAMES will present the work that, over the next few months, it is carrying out at LABoral to develop an educational tool. It is an instrument that combines contemporary art, pedagogy and new technologies. The tool seeks to bring contemporary artistic practice as an educational resource in collaboration with the educational community.

The collective will work on the creation of a virtual space, in feedback with the physical space, which is configured as an area of ​​expression for students, who will develop their creative potential and will have the opportunity to experiment with the environment through the arts, at the same time enhancing their ability to generate ideas and to develop their expressive potential from the entire body and game dimension.

With all this, artistic disciplines such as dance, performance, interactive painting, generative and digital art or music itself (including the soundscape) find a space of confluence thanks to haptic (tactile) technologies and augmented reality and virtual, in a feedback process where numerous agents intervene: teachers, students, artists, engineers, etc.

This educational tool is part of the Expanded Patronage program, a collaboration model that involves a group of private collectors.

In this presentation, the work and collaboration activities with schools and other groups will be announced and the doubts of the participating public will be resolved.

Free entry until complete seats

Activity subsidized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of the Government of the Principality of Asturias