Postgraduate in Cultural Innovation: Arts, digital media and popular culture

24th october 2012 – 30th may 2013

The postgraduate degree in Cultural Innovation: Arts, Digital Media and Popular Culture offers the bases to understand and analyze the changes and transformations in the relationship between culture and society and provides key knowledge about new contemporary artistic and cultural productions transformed by information technologies. and communication, the dynamism of cultural industries and globalization processes.

Aware of the need to understand, adapt and intervene in the changes and transformations of contemporary culture, LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial and UOC-Universitat Oberta de Catalunya jointly promote this postgraduate training program with the aim of offering the tools to understand and intervene in current culture from an interdisciplinary perspective, and in connection with the great debates on an international scale in the fields of the arts, humanities, communication and social sciences.

This postgraduate degree offers training that integrates different perspectives of analysis to understand and innovate in the relationship between culture and society, technology, the economy, the media and the arts. To do this, we will have both the most relevant case studies and the collaboration of leading specialists from the world of arts and culture, research, media or industry, analyzing in real time aspects that we will work on at a theoretical, methodological or practical level. .

The program is framed in the professional field of arts and humanities, as well as advanced communication, but at the same time it is clearly connected to the context of creative industries and cultural management. The course is therefore aimed at both researchers interested in the study of arts and culture in today’s world and professionals and creators working in the arts, culture, media and industries. creative.


  • knowing how to analyze for research or action new practices and realities in the sphere of culture from the point of view of daily experience, technological mediation and changes in industry and cultural institutions.
  • understand and critically analyze the new emerging artistic and cultural practices through a transversal view from the different traditions of study of art, communication and culture.
  • critically know how to conceptualize, analyze and study the field of culture in a way that encompasses both individual and collective creativity and its social articulation.
  • critically understand and know how to identify the centrality of the mediation of technology and the media in culture and its social manifestations.
  • know and analyze the emerging economic logics as a result of technological, social and organizational changes in the creative industries.
  • knowing how to analyze, understand and apply the innovation processes associated with art and digital culture critically and from a historical as well as current perspective.

Postgraduate blog

Information and registrationEdition: 3rd editionStart date: October 24, 20101st specialization course: October 24, 20122nd specialization course: March 20, 2013Duration: 1 yearNo. of credits: 30Place: UOC Virtual CampusLanguage Virtual Campus: SpanishTeaching language: Spanish (complementary English)Price: 2,395 eurosRegistration: advice: 902 372 373 (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.)

Postgraduate courses at the UOC-Universitat Oberta de Catalunya may have material in paper and/or digital format. The materials are delivered to students as the course progresses. The course material is one of its great virtues, since it is made up of a careful selection of particularly significant readings on the different topics covered, in some cases specially translated from English. for the course, and also practical material that is worked on in the case studies. It is thanks to this meticulous selection that the course manages to enrich and modify the view towards the link between arts, culture, technology and society.

Admission and degree requirements
To access the program, you must have a legalized university degree. If not, an admission committee will assess the applicant’s knowledge and experience based on their resume. Once the global evaluation process has been passed, the UOC-Universitat Oberta de Catalunya will award a Postgraduate diploma in cultural innovation: arts, digital media and popular culture UOC-Universitat Oberta de Catalunya-LABoral Center for Art and Industrial Creation to participants who certify a university degree legalized in Spain. If you do not have this degree, a Certificate in cultural innovation: arts will be issued. , digital media and popular culture UOC-Universitat Oberta de Catalunya-LABoral Center for Art and Industrial Creation.

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