Personal Cinema & the Erasers


Personal Cinema calls for the emergence and development of representation and distribution systems capable of responding to the local, the individual and even the unprofitable. The group organises projects and events aimed at stimulating the critical spirit of the public, proposing alternatives to the new global homogeneity. It focuses its activity on the problems that affect local territories and aims to explore the different cultural characteristics that shape the social identity of each individual. In addition, Personal Cinema develops public contexts for minority groups where they can express themselves and feel represented.

The Erasers is a group whose work is based on the integration of different and apparently different elements such as live cinema, improvised music, performance, internet and installation techniques. The Erasers constitute an open circuit whose number of members can be reduced or extended according to the demands of each project and where all work within the limits of the free association that the group advocates. The desire to present their work to an impartial and open public has led The Erasers to work under various pseudonyms such as The Instructors and The Curators.