Paso a paso

Pablo Armesto

28 November 2007

Site-specific installation for Príncipe de Covadonga Park. Polyester resin, Corten steel plates, LEDs, fibre optics, power supply

The road, the route, the passage as a metaphor of life, ofcommunication and of knowledge, is the central idea aroundwhich Pablo Armesto has articulated his most recent work.The media used for the artistic rendition of the concept that isthe true driving force of his production has always attemptedto provide a clear-cut expression covering the complexity andthe range of some philosophical and theological argumentshe summarised in pieces possessing a mysticism exploringthe nature of light and the flame that lights our destiny.In Paso a paso [Step by Step] the road is the print lefton a landscape loaded with magical, spiritual and religiousconnotations, connecting with key historical events. InCovadonga, travellers find themselves at a crossroad in whichnature and divinity converge. They are pilgrims in search ofanswers to disentangle the mysteries of life from a devotionalimage that has transformed this place into a sanctuary.The traces are votive offerings, holy fires perpetuating thememory of all those for whom the quest, the yearning for anencounter continues to be the sole form of energy capable ofmaking them travel this endless route