Paisaje cultural sumergido

Bárbara Fluxá

10 February 2010

Audiovisual installation

Production: Matadero-Madrid, Área de las Artes del Ayto de Madrid (Premio Fomento y Ayuda a la Creación Contemporánea 2009); Valey Centro Cultural de Castrillón

Acknowledgements: Cecilia Sanchez, Tecmarin SL, Almeida-Spa Green Lady

This installation questions the contemporary obsession with memory as a possible byproduct of an age-old fear of oblivion. To this end, it starts out from an understanding of time that goes beyond mere phenomenological and historical views, focusing instead on recent works about space, territories, maps and geographies. Nature presents itself as an anthropised territory, and La Almendra reservoir is a good example: hidden beneath its waters, since 1967, lies the town of Argusino, and with it the history of a social, political, economic and cultural conflict still waiting to be resolved.