P181c-1 / P181c-2 / P181c-3

Triptych, plotter drawings, ink on paper. 40 x 40 cm. Courtesy: Artist’s Collection / Bitforms Gallery, New York.

23 August 1976

Mohr’s algorithmic images are based on complex rules invented by the artist. The conceptual rules are systematic processes performed by a computer, but they involve random decisions with unpredictable results. The works can be difficult to understand initially and require a willingness from the viewer to interrogate the material. The experience of viewing the work, however, is not intended to be rational, but rather abstract and personal.

Mohr has used a computer to generate his art since 1968 and is considered a pioneer in this field. Since 1973, Mohr has concentrated on fracturing the structure of cubes as a system and an alphabet.