Otras Geologías 9 (Other Geologies 9)

Daniel Canogar

6 April 2005

Digital photography

A large-scale photograph covering the whole wall shows a tangle of elements that could well be seen as a metaphor of communication society and of its most conspicuous offspring: the network society. The whole space is jam-packed with piles of cables, hardware apparatus and technological artefacts trapping human bodies. These “waste” materials comprising potential communicational rubbish co-opt human bodies as yet more waste.

However, from a more critical perspective, the roles of subject and object can be interchanged so that ultimately we are unable to distinguish between the passive waste object and the active subject. Man and artefacts, without distinction and even simultaneously, can be viewed as waste material in the same digital cartography; or simply, human bodies can work as mere nodes in a technological communication network.

Canogar, Daniel