OPN Studio: Susana Ballesteros and Jano Montañés

Their projects reflect on the individual in a broad context, focusing their research on the vicissitudes related to the human condition, as a social being, mortal entity or corporeal substance. They translate realities and problems through projects that disseminate, make visible and raise awareness, which in turn educate and help build community, generating solutions and change. 

OPN Studio’s experimental work over the last decade has explored the intersection between the fields of art, science and technology, being articulated through the language of electronics, robotics, audiovisual and interactive installation. 

His work has been exhibited in Europe, America and Asia, in places such as Wurth Museum (La Rioja), NTMOFA (Taiwan National Museum of Fine Arts), LACDA (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art), Kapellica Gallery (Slovenia) or ARS Electronica (Austria) among others, as well as in international art fairs such as ARCO (Madrid) or Art Beijing (China). 


Artists included in the exhibition Millennials, the media art of Generation Y.