Open meetings: Transfers

Open meetings in the context of the philosophy LABORATORY of the ‘Materia prima’ exhibition on art, science and the local

Until 7 May 2016

The Econodos project (Lorena Lozano and Verónica G. Ardura) Transfers. The arts, sciences and new forms of the local is a Philosophy Laboratory in the context of the exhibition Raw Materials that raises the idea of ​​the plurality of the arts and sciences and the need to generate collaborative processes of knowledge transfer to strengthen common knowledge. It is an open office, a participatory, purposeful and active listening place. The main element is a module for the Archive of Asturian Artists of LABoral, an invitation to produce transversal readings around it and search for new strategies and languages ​​of representation of the local.

Throughout six open meetings, with presentations, interviews and debates, the community of creators is invited to reflect on the social and political meaning of digital technologies and their ethical and aesthetic implications. Their voices and thoughts are recorded in audio for the visualization of local networks and microgrids, while a manifesto on the issues raised is collectively written.



Hours: from 12 to 2 p.m.

November 28 / Philosophy, art and science
With Lorena Lozano (artist and biologist) and Verónica G. Ardura (plastic artist and university professor)

January 23 / Bioethics and technology
With Yolanda Argüelles. Nurse and member of the Care Ethics Committee of Area VIII. Asturias

February 27 / Knowledge, knowledge and pedagogy
With Esperanza Fernández González. Faculty of Teacher Training and Education. Oviedo University. Area: Theory and History of Education

March 12 / Audiovisual media _ documentation and project management
With Melania Fraga (professional in the field of multimedia communication)

April 16 / The local, the artists and the territory
With Leticia González (PhD in Art History)

May 7 / Transmedia narratives and science fiction
With Nuria Rodríguez (translator and specialist in contemporary critical theory)