Open Call: Ailab x SETI

9th september – 7th october 2020

New Open Call for artists working with AI

he AI Lab (E

uropean ARTificial Intelligence Lab) is a follow up project of the European Digital Art and Science Network and offers international artists working in the field of AI to win a residency at a scientific partner institution and at the Futurelab of Ars Electronica. The AI Lab is led and organised by Ars Electronica in collaboration with 16 partners across Europe, including SETI Institute. In this open call round artists will have the chance to apply for a residency at the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute, US.


The theme of the residency is SETI x AI. SETI Artist-in-Residence (AIR) Artist selection encourages those individuals employing new media and technology and/or those whose work exhibits a direct relationship to the contemporary scientific endeavors of SETI Institute researchers. SETI Institute science is front edge; our artists are similarly minded. Mid-career artists working in the following fields, though not limited to these, will be considered equally: robotics, rocketry, electronic music, theater and dance, bio-arts, digital and data-arts, computational arts, climate-based works, film and photography, philosophy, poetry, kinetic or land-based sculpture, geophysical and geological based works, planetary or astronomical based works, and drawing.
The research that takes place at the SETI Institute should be meaningfully reflected in the artworks that result from the residency. Special emphasis will be placed on projects that consider artificial intelligence, ponder the beginnings of life, and critically reflect on our anthropocentric world view.

The full curatorial statement of SETI institute you can find here.

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