OP_ERA: Haptics for the 5th dimension

Mariana Rondón

31 August 2007

Immersive Interactive Sound Installation Programming: Víctor Gomes Variable dimensions Courtesy of the artists

OP_ERA: Haptics for the 5th dimension is an immersive and interactive interface designed for producing hearing and tactile stimuli in the participant. The system identifies the relative position of the visitor as a gravitational force and activates sounds indicating atomic particles moving in the virtual field. Therefore, the visitor can perceive shapes and sizes of real space-time through a non-visual digital representation as he/she moves around the space. The relation between the virtual space and the user is one of continuous feedback. A screen located outside the room returns the images from the participants interacting with the field of particles changing into sound in the installation. This work is a new implementation of the OP_ERA project begun in 1999 by Cantoni and Kutschat, aimed at developing multi-sensorial platforms for experiencing spatial concepts.

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