Olga Mesa

Choreographer and visual artist

Asturias, 1962. He currently lives and works between Strasbourg and Auberive (France).

Choreographer and visual artist, her work stands out for bringing the visual arts to the stage through experimentation and the creation of an intimate and personal language. She has made the camera her accomplice thanks to which she combines the experience of space-time, and the formulation of the gaze as a question between interpreter and spectator. Her performative writing of her space presents her body as an instrument of vision, making her both subject and object of her own narrative. Her work investigates new dramaturgies, deliberately on the border between dance, writing, film installation and cinematographic language.

He articulates his creations within thematic cycles: the trilogy of the body Res, non verba (things, not words) 1996-1999, More public, more private, 2001-2006, labOfilm&1: Snow White’s Lament, 2010-2012. In 2017, the editorial project Olga Mesa y La Doble Visión around his career came to light in France; That same year she received the medal of Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters awarded by the French Ministry of Culture. She is currently co-performing, together with the Basque multidisciplinary artist Francisco Ruiz de Infante, the scenic, exhibition, film and broadcast project Carmen // Shakespeare, 2013-21, with which she co-directs at the Hors Champ // Outside Association of Field since 2010 in France. His creations, performative conferences, traveling laboratories and exhibitions have been produced and presented at festivals, institutions and creative structures in Spain, Portugal, France, New York, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria, England, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Argentina , Morocco, Mozambique, Mali and Haiti.