7 April 2017 – 31 December 2017

The Offmothers Collective is made up of a group of artists, sociologists, philosophers and musicians from Asturias (Susana Carro, Natalia Pastor, Elena de la Puente, Roxana Popelka, Maria Eugenia Tejón and Gema Ramos) who analyze, denounce and interpret not only the experience of being a mother and an artist, but also motherhood as a discursive category and cultural construction.

Project in residence

Casa Tomada

The home is not only a physical space but also the place that houses the entire conceptual framework associated with upbringing, the family and the distribution of gender roles. Undoubtedly, it is in this space where biological differences are configured as political inequalities and where women are defined by their status as mothers, wives and housewives. Thus understood, the home makes it difficult, if not impossible, to go beyond the domestic sphere, hindering the development of any other project that transcends the rhythms and habits of the home. But what would happen if our home stopped being a captivity and became a den? what would happen if the walls of our domestic spaces were permeable to our personal projects? what would happen if home were also our workshop, our own space for our own time and our own projects?

CASA TOMADA is the response of the OFFMOTHERS COLLECTIVE to these questions. But while in Cortázar’s story the inhabitants abandon the house in the face of forces that distort their vital order, in Offmothers’ CASA TOMADA the order is distorted in order to persevere in it and explore a new redefinition of home.

The artists’ collective will develop their research during a six-month residency, after which a public presentation will take place.