Noby Noby Boy

Keita Takahashi

30 May 2009

Game for PlayStation®3 (PS3™) Developer: Namco Bandai Games Inc. Publisher: Namco

Noby Noby Boy is an ideal game for relaxation and experimentation. Exclusively on PlayStation®Network, this title from Namco Bandai and the creator Keita Takahashi, throws the player into a world of fun and colour. The main character, Boy, is a strange worm-like creature with the ability to stretch at will. By controlling both his front and tail ends simultaneously and pulling him in opposite directions, the player can stretch him out to amazing lengths, making his abdomen an increasingly growing part of the environment. Helping in this quest to expand Boy are various objects and inhabitants that roam around the randomly generated maps. Progress in making BOY stretch is recorded online to GIRL – a giant female version of the protagonist who represents the development of all Noby Noby Boy’s players around the world.