No renunciamos

Marta De Gonzalo & Publio Pérez Prieto

31 December 2008

Video installation. 10 min. Production: LABoral.

These artists were invited to work on certain educational experiences with the so-called Ateneos Obreros, which had, and continue to have, such importance in the city of Gijón, and also with the Pedagogic Missions that travelled throughout Asturias. The work, No renunciamos, updates the causes behind these actions and, as the artists themselves say, “the text that tirelessly springs from this voice posits that these teachers, missions, choir, theatre, music, museum, cinema, puppets, public and Ateneos take on new meaning in the foundational occasion of the bankruptcy of global capitalism. Songs, works, films and images of people’s political and poetic dignity. The strength of these words ensures that the white mist that veils the images is dispelled with each voice and we can then glimpse the necessary images”.