Night DIY video clip

18th to 19th may 2012

On the occasion of Museum Day, LABoral invites professional or amateur musicians to broadcast their work live via live streaming and record a mini experimental video clip made live on the LABoral set with the Neokinok.tv Collective.

On the occasion of Museum Day, we make the LABoral set available to the local community of musicians and people, in general, interested in DIY culture; which will bring together, on the one hand, the Neokinok collective and, on the other, Fasenouva, Chiquita y Chatarra and the Nurses, Asturian groups from the also Asturian label Discos Humeantes.

It is about, together, investigating in a practical way the idea of ​​broadcasting and recording a video clip, playing with image and sound, in a continuous rehearsal halfway between a concert and a rigorous live improvisation.

For the rest, all those interested in participating can join, either individually or as a group, bringing their instruments, equipment and audiovisual material to the set and interacting with the different groups that attend the event. also, with the recording and broadcast process that the Neokinok collective will carry out

Follow it streaming: http://experimentaltv.org/tvlab/live

Activity subsidized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Government of the Principality of Asturias