NEXT THINGS 2012 / Call for Ideas

21th november 2011 – 20th january 2012

Telefónica Digital & LABoral are proud to organize NEXT THINGS 2012, the First Global Art & Technology Challenge. Winning project: Mapocci, by Laura Maliverni and Lilia Villafuerte

The goal of the challenge is to bring together art and technology, artists with technologies, and to unleash the huge potential of mixing the creativity and perspective of artists with the nowadays powerful open hardware technologies.

NEXT THINGS 2012 is looking for innovative and disruptive ideas on the Internet of Things in the interplay of art and technology: art that uses connected / smart objects / spaces as medium, or art that reframes, rethinks and reflects on what the role of the Internet of Things could be(come).
• -What can an object transform to if you endow it with wireless connectivity?
• – How could we interface with spaces and their underlying infrastructure? And what for?
• – What does it mean when not only people are connected to one another but people to objects and objects to each other?

It is about reflecting on questions like these and exploring how the Internet of Things, machine-to-machine interactions (M2M) or Smart Spaces can have an impact on people’s lives from an individual scale to entire societies. So it could have to do with familiar objects, clothes, transport, intermachine communication, resolving social problems, or almost anything!
It will be appreciated in the proposals:
– That may be converted in manufactured objects, employed by people and societies.
– Connected wirelessly to the Internet.

For more information please download the rules of the call [+]