N.U. collectif

Visual artists, actors and scene directors

France, 2001

N.U collectif is made up of Sébastien Lenthéric – actor and Axelle Carruzzo, visual artist, who act here as stage directors.

Together, they develop a fully scenic text to create possible spaces for exchange and sharing. In parallel, questions raised about shows, exhibitions and performances are addressed in a different way. Nu collectif has exhibited in: LAC-Sigean, L’Aspirateur-Lieu d’Art contemporain-Narbonne, Les Bains Révélateurs-Roubaix, Le Générateur-Paris, at the Festival Boutographies-Montpellier (France). He collaborates with Lucille Calmel, Annie Abrahams, Xavier Deranlot (Fanadeep); with performers such as Isabelle Sorente, Christophe Donner, Orion Scohy and with writers such as Philippe Genty, Bérangère Vantusso, Matthieu Hocquemiller, stage directors such as JM Boug and composers such as MA Pérez Ramírez.