Multifocal sound workshop

29th to 30th march 2014

In any place, at any time, sound sources are all around, therefore it is common to receive sound from every direction at the same time. The multifocal sound workshop aims to make the attendants more familiar with conceptual and technological tools capable of turning the listening of music products and sound art pieces into an experience comparable with the listening of the real world around us. This can be achieved using multifocal sound devices, which, essentially, are made up by a rich set of speakers arranged in various setups depending on the aesthetic needs of the projects and the characteristics of the space where they are to be installed.

Addressed to: Musicians, artists and professionals from any field interested in the use of sound in art, in general, or in their own productions, in particular. No previous technical training is required.
Places: Maximum 15 people
Registration deadline: March 26th
Price: 20 €

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Activity supported by the Consejería de Cultura y Deporte del Gobierno del Principado de Asturias