Minerva Losa


Minerva began her studies in Art History at the University of Oviedo and, from 2012, she became involved in the textile sector through a project focused on bespoke designs for events and giving introductory classes in pattern making, after having trained in both bespoke and industrial and digital pattern making. Over time, she specialised in this sector and broadened her knowledge of artisanal and digital textile printing through various workshops and work in textile screen printing workshops.
She has also been part of the organising team of the ANDE National Fashion Awards for young designers for three editions, and collaborated in the curatorship of the exhibition for the 25th Anniversary of the National Young Designers Competition at the Oscar Niemeyer Art Centre in 2013.
Artistic concerns have always been present in Minerva and have led her to generate curiosity for the different means of expression that surround me, such as design, illustration, graphic arts, embroidery, among others. For this reason, training in any of these areas is permanent, always based on day-to-day experience, teamwork and the ability to transmit all that she has learnt.