Minecraft and 3D printing workshop

30th to 31th may 2015

Do you like to build? Learn to model in 3D with Minecraft and bring your constructions to life with a 3D printer! Live an adventure in your favorite game, collaborate with other participants to create surprising structures and objects, and when you finish, manufacture what you have built with our 3D printers to take home.

In this children’s workshop where a first approach to the fundamentals of 3D modeling is offered through the most popular and educational video game in recent years. This is possible thanks to the open nature of Minecraft that allows both modification of the game itself (mods) and the ability to export the player’s creations as printable 3D files.

This introductory workshop to 3D modeling aims to create and establish foundations that facilitate the understanding of modeling in a gradual process between two and three dimensions. In this way, the development of multidisciplinary skills is enhanced that allows participants to advance towards the integration and learning of the basic concepts of three-dimensional representation and 3D printing.

The Makersis a workshop and school dedicated to the dissemination and teaching of digital manufacturing through technology. They teach 3D modeling and printing workshops, as well as tailored training for those people who have a need as basic and urgent as “making things.”

Imparted by:The Makers, Madrid
Addressed to:boys and girls of 8 and 14 years old. No prior knowledge is necessary.
Duration:8 teaching hours divided into two 4-hour sessions
Registration fee:30 euros

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Activity subsidized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of the Government of the Principality of Asturias