Mind Revolution

Sound artist’s project

Mind Revolution is a project formed in 2010 by Angel Gonzalez and Eugenia Badger in order to seek new forms of expression from the relationship between music and other arts.

Mind Revolution is a duo of Asturian sound artists formed by Eugenia Tejón and Ángel González. Their work is based on the heritage and identity of the soundscape, as well as on musical experimentation. Their compositions are related to phonography, electroacoustic and electronic music.

Mind Revolution has participated in different kinds of actions and projects together with other creatives as a starting point for a joint research that presents new avenues of artistic development and exploration. Since 2012 he is a member of the phonographic project Mapa Sonoru. His latest recordings have been released on the label La Escucha Atenta.

His work has been disseminated through exhibitions, installations or live actions in LABoral Centro de Arte, Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto, Museo Barjola, Fundación Ladines, Valley Centro Cultural, MOMA, La Factoría Cultural, Instituto Cervantes de Berlín, CMAE, Museo Nicanor Piñole, Paraíso Rural Extendido, Palacio de la Audiencia de Soria, LAi Museum, Sala la Gallera, Espacio Líquido, Galería Vértice, Espacio de Arte Lola Orato, Galería Texu, Sala Laudeo, La Casa Negra, Galería Gema Llamazares, Galería Guillermina Caicoya, Estudio rfa, Galería Gloria Helmound, Festival Trendelenburg, Festival CasiMiniFest, Berlin International Directors Lounge, Festival del Arco Atlántico, Ascona Film Festival, Óptica Festival de Video Arte, Muestra Internacional de Video Arte NIO2, Festival La Xata la Rifa, Festival Miradas de Mujeres, Noche Blanca de Avilés, Festival Activa de Sound-videoArt, Ediciones Sinedie and Ediciones Pata Negra.

Their work is an experimental process that includes installations, sound-videoart, performanceand soun art.