Microphone construction workshop

28 November 2015

Microphones are one of the most determining elements of the sound recording process. Although there are many types of microphones on the market depending on their technical specifications and applications, we can also build our own microphones, the manufacture of which is easy and economical.

This workshop is an introduction to DIY (Do It Yourself) or home-made microphones, through the construction of two types of tools.

Contact microphone:
These microphones capture the vibrations of those objects with which they come into contact. Their advantage is that, by receiving vibrations only through a solid, they allow the sound we want to capture to be very well isolated from interference in the environment.

They are ideal for amplifying string or percussion instruments and for capturing resonances in wood, metal, water. Additionally, they can be used as hydrophones for underwater recording.

Binaural microphone:
The term binaural refers to our two ears. It is actually a stereo microphone, whose small capsules are separated and designed to be placed in our auditory pavilions, so the type of recording is very realistic, preserving part of the physical components that make our brain interpret the spatial arrangement of the sound. as well as its movement.

They can also be used as a stereo pair to capture ambient sound, instruments, field recordings, etc.

Imparted by:Juanjo Palacios, phonographer and sound artist
Addressed to:sound artists, multimedia and all those interested in sound, soundscape, field recordings and listening as creative practices.
Participants:10. Participants who have a portable recorder must bring it with them.
Registration deadline:November 26, 2015
Price: 50 euros