Meipi Asturias

30th july – 1st august 2009


Maps are essential tools in modifying reality. Both Internet and Information Technologies have had an enormous impact on cartography. Through the new methods of generating digital representations and collaborative exchange networks, citizens can now build their own representations of reality culled from many different sources of information and interests.
This International Meeting of Citizen Cartography will gather in Gijon a wide network of active researchers and agents such as architects, city planners, artists, geographers and programmers. This newly developed method will consist of theoretical presentations and working sessions open to the public.

The goals of the meeting are as follows: 1. to produce a public archive comprising video and hypertext of some the most significant experiences and citizen cartography tools; 2. to combine efforts and resources for the development of a convergent free software project of citizen cartography.
On the other hand, this meeting will also add impetus to the ongoing regional project of citizen cartography ( and its related educational guide.

Admission to this meeting is free.

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