Meeting_#e3_Knowledge, knowledge and pedagogy

Third open meeting of the Transfers project The arts, sciences and new forms of the local

27 February 2016

Transfers The arts, sciences and new forms of the local

A project of econodos_ecology & communication Lorena Lozano and Verónica G. Ardura

Leticia González, Melania Fraga and Nuria Rodríguez collaborate

Meeting_#e3_Knowledge, knowledge and pedagogy

At this meeting we have as a guest Esperanza Fernández González, Professor at the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (Theory and History of Education, University of Oviedo). She will talk to us about education as an art, as an expressive technique of meanings and as teaching one’s position in the world of knowledge. Her approach is based on the fact that teaching responsibility cannot be separated from the consequences of the knowledge it produces, the social relations it justifies, and the ideology it disseminates.

Our letter is still open, if you would like to contribute to the “listening station” you can send us an audio.