Meeting: Open codes

17th october 2012

LABoral has launched a call to form a working group, made up of approximately a dozen people, to investigate and debate, in a transversal way, how the Center for Art and Industrial Creation can open up to the current needs of the local artistic community .

The first meeting of the Open Codes project was held on Tuesday, May 15, at 7 p.m. in the Chill-out of the Art Center.

The starting point is that this group focuses on the exploration of new formats of presentation to the public of current artistic creation, more focused on creative processes than on finished and closed products, also trying to create spaces and uses capable of involving to users and visitors.

All of this with the aim of showing how an institution and a group of creative people with concerns come together when designing a research platform on artistic and cultural programs within the framework of an institution like LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, opening doors to new institutional models.

LABoral has opened this call to the members of the Archive of Asturian Artists of the Mediateca_Archivo, in addition to the members of Platform 0. Production Center. To ensure that this group is as heterogeneous as possible, it is also suggested that the invitation be extended to other people who they consider might be interested in participating: architects, designers, musicians and, in general, all types of professionals related to a way or another with the world of culture.

You can follow the project through the wiki[+]