Meditative Cohabitation

Studio Above&Below (In collaboration with Yau Fan)

6 January 2022

Inmersive audiovisual installation 

Meditative Cohabitation (2022) is an audio-visual experience investigating multi-species communication in future cities on the base of the city of Brussels. Grounded in bio acoustics recordings and scans of the biotop of Marais Wiels located in the heart of the urban landscape, an immersive installation invites the audience to meditate between multispecies sounds and a responsive multiscreen landscape. 

The project aims to engage with interspecies realities through Games Engines and AI tools to declare the need of interspecies acknowledgement within our design process and datasets in order to build empathy and purpose for advanced technologies to serve more than human lifeforms. 

Artwork included in the exhibition Millennials, the media art of Generation Y.