Marta Fernández Silverio


Born in Gijón in 1997

Marta F. Silverio, journalist by vocation and training, was born in Gijón in 1997. She studied Journalism and Humanities in Madrid from 2015 to 2020. In 2018 she did an exchange year in Brazil, at the Universidade Federal da Bahía, where she reconnected with the concerns that had led her to choose journalism as a career, such as connecting with people, discovering distant realities and understanding today’s world.

The confirmation came after the confinement of 2020, when he did his first internship at RTPA. The following year he searched for all possible opportunities to continue his training as a journalist and finally, after several courses and jobs in corporate communications, he got an internship at La Nueva España. In the midst of the pandemic recession and without many clear future prospects in Madrid, he decided to stay in Xixón, breaking other certainties (such as that he would not return to live in Asturias until old age). And while he was debating between possible paths for the future, he was contacted to lead a project in October 2021. That project would be the seed of 12grados, which finally took on a life of its own in February 2023.