Marleine van der Werf

Marleine van der Werf (Switzerland, 1985) is a filmmaker/visual artist with a documentary practice based in Rotterdam (NL). In her artistic research she explores how to immerse in someone else’s experience. Through cinema, XR and multi-sensory technology Van der Werf creates haptic experiences. She collaborates with experts in the field of science, art and humanities. In these interdisciplinary projects Van der Werf combines knowledge of scientists and people with lived experiences to create immersive projects that challenge our understanding of the self and others. Recurrent themes are embodiment, identity and the perception of reality.

Her award winning projects are exhibited at international art- and filmfestivals like IDFA (NL), Human Rights filmfestival Seoul (KR), FILE Festival in Sao Paolo (BR), Future of storytelling New York (USA) and Art Basel (CH). She won the NEXT Talent Award (Playgrounds Digital Art Festival) in 2018, the Scientist Award (Abu Dhabi Imagine Science filmfestival) and the ACT award (STRP) in 2019 and was awarded an interdisciplinary grantee of Sundance Institute (2021). In 2022/2023 she participated in the EMAP residency in Werkleitz, Halle (D).

Van der Werf completed her Bachelor in Audiovisual Design at St. Joost Art Academy and her Master Artistic Research in cinema (with distinction) at the Dutch Film Academy.

Currently she develops the multidisciplinary project Disembodied in collaboration with dancers, neuroscientists and engineers exploring what our biological body means to us.



Artist included in the exhibition Millennials, the media art of Generation Y.