Mario M. Martínez


Born in Gijón in 1988

After years of militancy in the Asturian alternative scene, he began his “official” artistic career by studying Engraving and Printing Techniques at the Oviedo School of Art, where, after the good reception he received, he completed several cycles that in some way cement, mesh and explain the multifaceted nature of his work. As a result of these studies, several residencies and grants arose which, combined with a restlessness that borders on hyperactivity, crystallised in the form of dozens of publications, exhibitions and individual and collective projects that combine audiovisual, graphic and sculptural installations, underpinning the foundations of a particular universe where the limits of the personal, the public and the political are not entirely defined and which takes on new dimensions every day, overflowing formats, impregnating each and every one of the facets of his life without losing his experimental character or his strong attachment to the do it yourself ethic.

He is currently working as an animator on the short film “Cantar un batallón” by Inés G. Aparicio without leaving aside his personal production.