María Cañas

Archivist, audiovisual iconoclast and media savage

María Cañas, archivist from Seville, audiovisual iconoclast, media savage, invites with her works to reflect on the strange mixture of amusement and tremendism, of gloomy and sensual imagery that surrounds us, operating in iconographic cannibalism. She practices a “videomachy” (videoguerrilla, militant cinephagy) that penetrates clichés and genres in order to dynamite them. She holds a degree in Fine Arts, a PhD in Aesthetics and History of Philosophy from the University of Seville and a master’s degree in Digital Post-production C.E.A. She directs Animalario TV Producciones, a creative space dedicated to the culture of recycling, appropriationism and artistic experimentation; a resistance to distraction in pursuit of the cultivation of inner fire. His art has been exhibited in festivals, fairs, events, art centres, museums and national and international galleries. This year he is the recipient of the First Prize-Video Universe Residency Grant awarded by LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, the Xixón International Film Festival and HAMACA.