Mapa Sonoru 2015

Mapa Sonoru is a project created in 2009 which aims to discover, preserve and disseminate the musical heritage of Asturias.

Until 21 November 2015

In September 2011 LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial in collaboration with thephonographist Juanjo Palacios creates a working group on the framework of the project Mapa Sonoru.

The group, formed by people interested in the soundscape, the phonography and listening, meets regularly to discuss and carry out fieldwork in different parts of the territory of Asturias in order to listen, study and record their soundscapes.

Throughout this time, the group has worked intensively in the pedagogy of listening and has become a reference for people seeking theoretical knowledge and practical training tools for capturing ambient sounds, audio editing, sound broadcasting web and audio geolocation as well as their creative applications.

In autumn 2015, it will be held in collaboration with fabLAB Asturias, a workshop building DIY microphones.

Dates: 1st Saturday of May, June, October and November, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Target audience: general public interested in listening, soundscape, recording or sound art field who are interested in approaching the phonographic practice. It is not necessary to have any specific knowledge. Artists, students, educators, researchers, scientists, autodidacts…

Participants can bring audio recording equipment (portable recorders, microphones, headphones, etc.) from their possession.

Information and registration:

• Chronic of the fieldwork done by Grupo Mapa Sonoru in Ciudad Residencial de Perlora