Making perceptible the imperceptible: nanoart, a conversation about the relationship between art, science and technology

10th july 2014

Debate on direct relations in artistic creation, scientific and technological

Introductory talk about nanoart:
Hugo Martínez-Tormo Will do an introduction about this concrete practice in the context of new technologies and art.

This panel discussion will be centred on the practice of nanoart, a common term in recent times, which does not have a precise definition. Data interpretation and the use of codes or visual systems for representing the relationship between artists and scientists, with reference to methods, strategies and objectives, as well as the access to the tools and devices used in scientific laboratories, or the role of new technologies will be among the issues of this debate.

Participants: Hugo Martínez-Tormo, artist; Oscar Abril Ascaso, Director of Activities of LABoral; José María Alameda, Universidad de Oviedo; and Mónica Bello, Curator with a history of organizing events and exhibitions on art-science and Artistic director of VIDA Art and Artificial Life International Awards.