Los Johnnies (Juan Gama de Cossío and Juan Cañada)

1 September 2023 – 31 January 2024

Juan Gama de Cossío was born in Cangas del Narcea just one month after being born in Madrid. He holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Complutense University of Madrid, a Master’s degree in Advertising Film Directing from the TAI School and a Master’s degree in creativity and effectiveness in Branded Content from the MCS. He has spent most of his career directing advertising, with some incursions into the world of fiction, music videos, documentaries and television. Apart from his work as an audiovisual director and photographer, Juan is one of the directors of Prestoso Fest.

His friend, Juan Cañada, is an Architect and digital designer actively working on the thinking, use and production of digital tools and media in urban, infrastructural and natural environments. He works and lives between London and Asturias.

Project in residence

Multiversos y Microrrelatos

The project ‘Multiversos y Microrrelatos’ analyses through analogue photography, new media and artificial intelligence the Asturian context from different temporal perspectives.

The interdisciplinary project Multiversos y Microrrelatos takes a diverse approach to ten themes in the context of Asturias through three different temporal perspectives:

Firstly, an analogue approach that connects with natural and historical times using analogue photography as an expressive medium.

The second approach focuses on a logic of digital temporality rooted in the contemporary digital paradigm. In this aspect, tools such as digital photography, video editing, and social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook), all designed and operated by human beings, are employed.

The third perspective is based on temporal logics governed by artificial intelligence, such as GPT chat, Midjourney, Dall-E and related programmes.

The themes addressed in this project include industrial heritage and the evolution of the post-industrial city, the concept of playful time, portraiture, the geometry present in Asturian nature, the exploration of identity and territory through traditions and folklore, as well as the relationship between art and artificial intelligence and its impact on society.

The relevance of this proposal lies in the paradigm shift brought about by the global spread of artificial intelligence systems in the last year. This has generated new logics not only in the way we think, but also in production methods, work organisation and communication channels. Through micro narratives that could represent different generations and a specific focus on the Asturian context, this research aims to analyse how these emerging conditions are shaping our perceptions and relationships.

Project selected in the II Call for Artistic Residencies 2023