Lorenzo Sandoval

4 May 2017 – 28 June 2017

Lorenzo Sandoval (Madrid, 1980) has specialized in Audiovisual Studies in Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, where he is currently finishing his Master’s thesis.

After his studies, Sandoval has received residency scholarships in Berlin, Porto and Nairobi. He was one of the founding members of LaTejedoraCCEC and BarraDiagonal in Valencia. In the same city, he helped to start and was the first president of AVVAC. In Berlin, where he has lived since 2009, he was one of the members who initiated the Projektraum Altes Finanzamt, which he has been part of until 2015. In Spain he has developed projects for La Casa Encendida in Madrid, Can Felipa and Nogueras Blanchard in Barcelona, and EACC in Castellón.

Project in residence


Artist Lorenzo Sandoval will carry out a research and production residency at LABoral to carry out his project Algortimo/Quipu.

His proposal explores where and when the origins of computation are located in order to question the narrative that proposes these beginnings as a purely Western knowledge. The artist will carry out a production residency at LABoral and the result will be shown from June 23rd at the Centro de Arte.

Algoritmo/Quipu is the winning project of the 5th edition of the DKV Seguros-Álvarez Margaride Grant, jointly organized by LABoral and the insurance company.