Tsutomu Kouno

6 August 2006

Tsutomu Kouno / Sony Computer Entertainment / 2006 / Japan For Sony PSP Hand-Held Game Systems

LocoRoco’s strong pop-cult following is a testament to the game’s visually distinctive graphics and formally innovative gameplay. Players navigate worlds not by moving the game’s characters, called the “LocoRoco”, but by shifting the landscape to roll the little blobs along. Movements are simple: the “LocoRoco” tilt, roll, and bounce through the shifting two-dimensional landscape, collecting flowers and growing along the way. The game’s striking, abstract visuals and music are an integral part of the gameplay. Designer Kouno said of his characters’ inspiration, “I watched my pet fish as well as nature documentaries, to see the funny things they do.” Bright colors and singing characters make for a cheery game that is accessible and fun for children and adults. LocoRoco received British Academy Video Games Awards in both the Character and Children’s categories in 2006.