Llegaste con la Brisa 1.5

Mariana Rondón

7 August 2007

Mechanical Installation Variable Dimensions Courtesy of the artist

Llegaste con la Brisa 1.5 is a mechanical installation, consisting of a large machine equipped with robotic arms that plunge into aluminium plates containing a soapy mixture. Each arm creates enormous soap bubbles, and moving images of struggling organisms are projected onto them. When the bubble pops, the image vanishes. The cycle is repeated: the machine spews out bubbles, which, like the organisms in the images, will survive for mere seconds. This installation produces images of organisms which seem to have a life of their own, in pursuit of a metaphor for the generation of artificial life. The perception of this organic sensation is heightened due to the humid environment required by the work. Llegaste con la Brisa was awarded in 2005 with a production grant in the Art and Artificial Life International Competition, Vida 8.0, organised by Fundación Telefónica.