Live sound workshop

Until 30 June 2016


  • Monitoring and PA techniques, equalisation, sound mixing, spatial mixing. Types of connection and sound treatment. Concepts of acoustics.
  • Introduction to live sound and basic sound concepts.
  • Setup and connections, mixing desks, monitors, PA, live mixing and effects and parameters (compressors, limiters, Gates, graphic EQ, parametric EQ, reverb, Delay…).
  • Acoustics and microphone techniques.

Taught by: Andrés Duarte.
Aimed at: musicians, sound artists, sound technicians and anyone interested in learning sound techniques for live sound. No previous knowledge is necessary.

Participants: 12.
Duration: 12 hours.

Registration fee: 70 euros / 50 euros (with Plataforma 0 annual membership card).
Registration deadline: 22 June.

Andrés Duarte, sound engineer, is in charge of the Sound Laboratory. He has extensive experience in the production of works of art and the technical assembly of exhibitions at La Casa Encendida, El Museo Reina Sofia, El Matadero Madrid, the Centro Internacional de Cultura Contemporánea “Tabacalera” in Donostia (San Sebastian) and the Museo de Zabaleta in Jaen-Quesada (Andalusia), among others.